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I am from India where spice is life. Approximately 45 percent of all spices sold around the world come from India. Chai is a common Indian hot drink-is basically tea with spices. In addition to Chai, I have grown up enjoying several herbal concoctions that my mom and aunts make routinely. When I came to America, I was very excited to find Chai as a common drink at coffee shops and stores. But, when I tried Chai from coffee shops. It did not even remotely match the homemade authentic Chai- trust me “I never tried it again”.

So, when I decided to switch gears to become an entrepreneur, I wanted to recreate the original Chai here. There began the journey of “Aahaa Chai”, to create the original blend of Chai- just like at home. I started with the traditional Masala Chai “Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai” and slowly expanded my wings to create various other blends using different base with different taste and options like decaf.

I believe that we need to be very smart about our health choices but should also not compromise the taste. All our Chai, Herbal and Iced teas are blended with all organic, natural and aromatic ingredients that will not fail to pleasantly spice up your day. It’s time to relax and rejoice with an Aahaa smile!! Our Product line includes: Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai, Rooibos Kappi Chai, Coconut Zing Chai, Chocomate Chai, Blissful Rose Chai, Soothing Tulsi Tea, Zesty Mint Tea, Strawberry Peach Mojito Tea blend, Pina Colada Tea blend, Fiery Apple Tea blend.

Come meet us every Saturday 9am-1230pm, Nov 2016-Mar 2017 and taste our delicious masala chai latte and tea blends

Bloomington Winters Farmer Market @ Harmony School Gymnasium, 909 E. 2nd Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47401

Farm to Fork Farmers Market @ Normandy farms. Located at the intersection of 79th Street and Marsh Road

Carmel Farmers Market on Center Green near the Center for Performing Arts

You can also buy our products at

Wildwood Market near Fountain square, Indianapolis

Goose the Market in Downtown Indianapolis

BloomingFoods Co-Op in Bloomington Indiana

Inga’s Popcorn in Downtown Zionsville

Rail Epicurean Market in Westfield, Indiana

 Get some Chai Latte to drink at 

Hopscotch Coffee in Bloomington, Indiana

The Pourhouse Cafe in Bloomington, Indiana

Uel Zing Coffee Lab in Bloomington, Indiana

Goose the Market in Downtown Indianapolis

The Chocolate Moose -Brown County in Nashville, Indiana

The River City Coffee Co in Evansville, Indiana


Crumble Coffee and Bakery, Bloomington, IN

Needmore Coffee Roasters, Bloomington, IN

Honeymoon Coffee Co, Evansville, IN

Sure Shot Coffee, Fishers, IN

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