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Aahaa Chai

Chai and Herbal Teas

Blissful Rose Chai

Every day is a valentines day with the smooth  Blissful Rose Chai. A perfect blend of Black tea with Rose petals, Cacao nibs and savory spices.

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Gift Sampler Pack

A splendid combination of all our chai varieties in one elegant gift bag! It contains Half oz of Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai, ChocoMate Chai, Coconut Zing Chai, Blissful Rose Chai and Rooibos Kappi Chai!!

Priced at $14.99   [Shop Now>]

Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai

Invigorate yourself with our all natural MAHARANI’S BOLD MASALA Chai – An authentic blend handcrafted with home and love in mind.

Starting at $4.99   [Shop Now>]

ChocoMate Chai

Get ready to entice your taste with our all natural ChocoMate Chai – A unique blend handcrafted with care and excellence.

Starting at $4.99   [Shop Now>]

Lavender Vanilla Delight Chai

Get ready to soothe your senses with DELIGHTFUL blend of organic black tea with the all natural Lavender, Safflower and vanilla.

Starting at $4.99   [Shop Now>]

Coconut Zing Chai

Soothe your palette with our all herbal Coconut Zing Chai perfectly blended with organic coconut shreds, raw organic cacao nibs and mild organic spices

Starting at $4.99   [Shop Now>]

Rooibos Kappi Chai

Indulge yourself in the caffeine free yet tasty and catchy all natural Rooibos Kaapi Chai– A beautiful love affair between the “anti-oxidants” bursting cape bush and aromatic spices handcrafted with creativity and uniqueness “just like you”.

Starting at $4.99   [Shop Now>]

Organic, natural and aromatic ingredients, only.

Aahaa Chai

Chai and Herbal Tea Products

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